Deer and Elks mating season in the Northeastern part of Poland. A perfect trip for everyone keen on observing nature, taking photos and relaxation. Visit one of the best preserved nature areas in Europe.

from 08.09.2018 to 16.09.2018
from 13.10.2018 to 21.10.2018

Price: 765 EUR, two beds room.
Price: 885 EUR, Single bed room

Day 1

We meet together in Bialystok (for additional price we can meet up in Warsaw and transport you to the final destination) and travel to the edge of the Bialowieza Forest where you will stay for a couple of days. In the afternoon, we go on a trip through riparian forests in the valley of the Lesna river. Mating sounds of animals are expected to be heard. In the evening, sightings of  Tawny Owl – strix aluco and Eurasian Pygmy Owl are expected.

Day 2

in the morning you will have an eight kilometers walk through the fabulous Bialowieza National Park in the natural protection zone where you can see an untouched primeval forest as it was thousands years ago. The trail goes through 250 years-old oak – hornbeam – tilia forest stands. You will learn how to distinguish different types of trees and mushrooms. You will also have a chance to learn how to distinguish different trails – deer, wolf, lynx and a boar. Birds to be seen today: White-backed Woodpecker, Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Black Woodpecker, Three-toed Woodpecker alsoHawfinch and Eurasian Treecreeper.

Day 3

Early in the morning we set off to a neighboring forest where around seven hundred bisons live. We will try to spot them, however, in spite of being rather big they are difficult to find The forest is a part of the Bialowieza Forest but not the National Park so we can travel around the area without bigger restrictions. Later, we will go to the Siemianowka lake where you can observe a lot of birds of passage including Eurpopean Golden Plover , Grey Plover, , Eurasian Curlew and Lesser Spotted Eagle.

Day 4

The first part of the day we spend on going around meadows, fields and rural areas where you can expect Gray Partridge, Northern Goshawk, Common Buzzard, Marsh Harrier, Hen Harrier as well as some of birds which have not left yet before Winter – Lesser Spotted Eagle and Greater Spotted Eagle. The second part of the day is devoted to looking for mating deer.

Day 5

Today we live the land of mating deer and set off to the Biebrza National Park. The trip from Biebrza to the Bialowieza forest goes through the one of the least inhabited places in Poland with only fifty inhabitants per square meter. You will have a chance to observe marvellous landscapes made of meadows, fields and quaint wooden villages typical only for this region in Poland. An unforgettable opportunity to see a true mosaic of cultures that make up this region with influences of Belorussian, Polish and Ukrainian cultures visible on every step. Moreover, Autumn in Poland is picturesque!

On our way, you will have a chance to observe Grey Partridge, Great Grey Shrike, Common Crane.

Day 6

We go to the Southern part of the Biebrza valley which is the biggiest fen area in Europe. Fen is a type of wetland with bogs, swamps and marshes. You will have a walk in your wellington boots through this landscape. You can expect marvelous views with golden Polish Autumn colors. On our way we will observe cranes preparing for their departure to warmer parts of the world.

Day 7

We devote our time to find and watch the king of Biebrza – an Elk. Population of this animal is estimated at seven hundred. It is easier to observe as it lives not only in forests but watching such a big animal in its natural environment is very satisfying. On marshes you will have a chance to see Marsh Harrier, Hen Harrier and first Rough-legged Buzzard who fly from tundra at this time of the year.

Day 8

We travel mostly along the Narew and Biebrza rivers to observe birds of passage such as Curlews, Common snipe, Eurasian Woodcock, Common Crane, Waders, Marsh Harrier, Hen Harrier, White-tailed Eagle and eventualy Lesser Spotted Eagle. In the evening, we go to see and hear mating elks.

Day 9
This is the last day together so we eat breakfast, exchange farewells and hope to see each other soon! If there is enough time we might go for the last trip in the land of Elk.